Our civil engineering services span the entire project lifecycle, from conceptual and detailed design to certification of the completed works. Our civil services include stormwater drainage design (including site based stormwater management plans and MUSIC modelling), site earthworks, hydraulic design and investigations, road and pavement design, carpark layout and design, water and sewerage design and all aspects of subdivision works.

 Preliminary Masterplanning

Masterplanning in the early stages of a project can be the difference between success and failure, and having engineering input during this phase is of great benefit to not only ensure you know what to expect in the latter phases, but to optimise the layout, processes and  timeframes.  PCE can work with developers and their consultants to master-plan the development before a layout is locked in, and to assist with working out the best way forward.

Concept Design

At PCE, we place a lot of importance on the concept design of any project – whilst easy to brush aside, it is a vitally important part of the engineering process and is the best protection against a lengthy and costly detailed design.

Detailed Design

PCE’s experienced design team take pride in their attention to detail and work tirelessly to work with you on the detailed design of your project to achieve your specific outcome.

Road, Pavement and Intersection Design

The design of roads, pavements and intersections is a core component of PCE’s civil design portfolio.  Being prequalified with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads gives you confidence that any road, pavement or intersection design done by PCE will be of the highest standard and conforming to industry best practice.

Water and Sewerage Design

Underground servicing can be a tricky part of any site, and each service presents their own unique challenges, but PCE staff are experienced and able to best utilise the existing features of the site to design underground systems to best service their catchments.

Bulk Earthworks Design

Using the latest modelling software and being able to see the bigger picture, PCE is able to prepare your bulk earthworks designs efficiently and guide you through any applications necessary to complete the works.  Whether as part of the development or to enable the construction of a building pad or access track, no job is too big or small.

Hydraulic (water supply) Design and Investigations

At PCE, our engineers can undertake hydraulic investigations to determine whether there is adequate water supply within a development, and provide reporting and design solutions to ensure full compliance with legislative requirements.

Stormwater Design and Investigations

PCE has undertaken many hydraulic investigations in the Mackay area, which is unfortunately known for drainage issues, particularly during the tropical wet season – from large scale analysis of the capabilities of existing systems to small reports on possible causes of localised problems.

Site Based Stormwater Management Plans, MUSIC Modelling

Current legislation and concern for the environment has led to increased awareness of pollutants entering our drainage systems and what can be done to mitigate this.  PCE is proud to have been one of the first consultants in the region to fully embrace the use of MUSIC modelling software and now have multiple staff trained in its use, and able to prepare site specific Site Based Stormwater Management Plans to meet the requirements of the authorities, while still keeping the impact on the development in mind.

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