Construction Supervision

Once the design work is complete, we offer construction supervision services to coordinate the construction phase of a project. We act as a superintendent by administering construction contracts and maintaining an open dialogue between all parties. We work hard to understand our clients’ requirements to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget, and meets the highest quality and environmental standards.

Civil Inspection and Certification

Construction inspection and certification of civil works is a vital part of the overall process to ensure that the design intent is carried out, and that the works are constructed to the highest standard.  PCE has dedicated inspection engineers who specialise in relationships with Contractors and the local authority, which allows the project to progress smoothly and gain final certification when finished.

Contract Services (Tender, Superintendent Role)

Integral to the construction component of many projects is the proper engagement of a suitable contractor and administration of the construction contract. PCE staff members can help every step of the way, from the tender process, to provision of contract documents and performing the role of Contract Superintendent throughout construction – to ensure the project runs smoothly and both parties to the Contract are treated fairly.

Out-of-town Engineer’s Representative

PCE has a number of clients who are consulting engineers themselves, but are based outside of the Mackay region, making it impractical for them to attend site inspections throughout construction.  We take great pride in being able to work with our out-of-town colleagues to provide inspection and certification services on their behalf, often forming lasting relationships.  It also provides the opportunity to expand our own knowledge by working with engineers that may specialise in fields not often seen in our local area which can be of benefit for future projects.

Out-of-town Building Certifier’s Representative

The housing and development boom has seen many out-of-town builders come to Mackay, and they often prefer to work with their regular building certifiers who are also not from the Mackay region.  PCE is often engaged to undertake inspections on residential buildings during construction on behalf of the building certifier to allow them to certify the construction of the dwelling with confidence.

Structural Form 16 – Large and Small Scale

PCE’s structural engineering team are equally suited to large-scale projects as they are to small-scale projects and provide Form 16 certification services as part of our regular structural services.

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