Main Roads

We are pre-qualified with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), and provide quality engineering and design services for road projects in the Mackay / Whitsunday district. We are currently involved in designing and documenting the restoration works for damaged roads in the region under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement. Some of our team members are also qualified Road Safety Auditors, and provide road safety auditing and assessment services to TMR for existing roads and road transport infrastructure, including pedestrian and cyclist amenities.

Road Safety Audits

PCE has qualified Road Safety Auditors, and provides Road Safety Audit reports to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads for many roads, intersections and pedestrian facilities in the region.

Road and Intersection Design

PCE is pre-qualified with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide design and inspection/certification services for new and reconstructed roads and intersections in the region.  We work directly for the Department, and also work with private developments who require design and construction services along State Controlled Roads.

Traffic Impact Assessments

Traffic Impact Assessments are often required by the Queensland Department of Main Roads as part of development approvals for projects such as quarry expansions that will require heavy use of State Controlled Roads.  PCE has undertaken TIAs for many projects, to assess the impact that the project will have on the State Controlled Road network, including pavement analysis, road function and intersection performance.

Traffic Analysis

PCE prepares many assessments of road and intersection performance along State Controlled Roads as part of proposed or expanding developments, including analysis of existing intersections and determination of new intersection requirements.

Pavement Design

Pavement analysis and design is required for all projects that involve new or reconstructed roads, whether part of a new project or damage rehabilitation works.  PCE has extensive experience in both new and rehabilitated pavement design, as part of development works or as part of the NDRRA schemes.

Construction Inspections and Certification

PCE undertakes construction inspection and certification for project designed by us, and also projects designed by others who are unable to inspect/certify themselves – often due to distance.

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