Construction Supervision

Sugarfields Estate

PCE has completed the final Stage of the Sugarfields Estate residential subdivision. We have provided our client with engineering design and construction supervision services for over ten years during the ongoing construction of the 10-stage development.

Coles Andergrove

Paragon Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd has provided on-site construction supervision for many large projects throughout Mackay. The latest of which is the construction of the new Coles development in Andergrove. The building complex was designed by Calibre Group and Van der Meer Consulting in Brisbane. Paragon Consulting Engineers have undertaken both civil and structural inspections for both Calibre and Van der Meer, and we are proud to provide our engineering services during the construction phase of the project.

Combined Civil/Structural Certification

Project: New industrial truss manufacturing facility

Location: Paget industrial area, Mackay

PCE was engaged to undertake full inspection services, from the vast external concrete slabs, to the concrete tilt-up panels to the stormwater quality treatment device. This project showed the versatility of PCE’s engineers where both civil and structural elements were able to be inspected during the same inspection in some cases, therefore saving the Client time and money.


Combined Civil/Structural Certification

Project: Mackay Import Terminal, Puma Energy

Location: Mackay Port

The construction of the new Puma import terminal at the Mackay Port was one of the largest industrial scale projects undertaken in Mackay in recent times, and PCE was proud to be an integral part of the engineering team. PCE was engaged to undertake inspections on all aspects of the project, from the early works package through to the finishing touches. We were able to work with the design engineer to ensure design intent was achieved in the finished product, and to assist the contractor throughout construction with any practical issues that arose. By undertaking both the civil and structural inspections on everything from the stormwater drainage to the diesel tank driven piles and crane gantries it ensured a coordinated and efficient approach for the Client.

Structural Form 16 - Small Scale

Project: RSPCA multi-purpose facility

Location: Mackay Harbour Road

This community facility was the result of some passionate community members, and PCE was pleased to be involved in the provision of inspection and certification services, working in conjunction with the design engineers.

Structural Form 16 - Large Scale

Project: Mackay Base Hospital redevelopment

Location: Mackay

PCE was one of a number of consultants working on the Mackay Base Hospital redevelopment. Part of our scope was to perform structural inspections on an ‘as-needed’ basis, including footings, structural steel, post-tensioned and suspended slabs, demolition work and timber framing, over the period of 5 years.

Out-of-town Building Certifier's Representative

Project: Andergrove Lakes residential development

Location: Andergrove, Mackay

PCE undertook the full suite of inspections (from the footings to the frame) for the construction of numerous houses with the Andergroves Lakes Development on behalf of the building certifier, and was able to provide excellent value for money by arranging with various parties to perform multiple inspections in a single visit.

Out-of-town Engineer's Representative

Project: Pioneer Lakes residential development

Location: Mirani, Pioneer Valley

PCE was engaged to attend all on-site inspections (both formal and informal), provide certification and faciliate liaison between the out-of-town design engineer, on-site contractor, local authorities and the Client as well as provide advice regarding contract matters.

Civil Inspections and Certification

Project: Glenrowan Residential Estate

Location: Walkerston (west of Mackay)

Throughout construction of multiple stages, PCE has undertaken inspections of the civil work and assisted the design engineer in the preparation of the final submission and certification to Council.