Land Development

Residential Unit Development

Project: Maranark Avenue quadruplex

Location: Rivers Edge Estate, Mackay

This four-unit development within the small-lot subdivision Rivers Edge Estate was fully engineered by Paragon – civil and structural. Paragon worked with the architect to best utilise the available land, to develop a set of units that are stylish and modern.


Large Scale Subdivisions

Project: Sugarfields Estate

Location: Ooralea, Mackay

Sugarfields Estate is a multi-stage residential estate in the growing suburb of Ooralea.  PCE has been involved in this project from early on, including masterplanning, conceptual design, detailed design and inspection/certification services.

Mid-sized Subdivisions

Project: Peatey Street subdivision

Location: Andergrove, Mackay

This in-fill development in an otherwise developed part of Mackay was a PCE project from concept design through to completion of construction (which is still ongoing). PCE and the developer have remained dedicated to producing the highest quality of design and construction to ensure the resulting subdivision is a place anyone would be happy to call home.

Small Scale Subdivisions

Project: Wattle Park Estate

Location: Andergrove, Mackay

PCE was involved in this project from start to finish, from attending the developer’s very first inspection of the site before purchasing to give engineering advice, working closely with the town planners and site surveyors to develop the most effective lot layout, providing detailed design services that took into account the unique requirements of the site, to calling tenders for the construction and certifying the completed works. The result is a boutique development of the highest standard that PCE is proud to have been involved in.

Small-lot Development

Project: Rivers Edge Estate

Location: Mackay

This pioneering project was revolutionary in the Mackay region, being one of the first of its kind of small-lot developments. PCE worked closely with the developer to produce engineering solutions for the site, which is adjacent to the Pioneer River, toensure it met the highest engineering standards.


Project: Sarina North residential area – masterplanning

Location: Sarina, Mackay Region

A number of property owners showed interest in the future development the area to the north of Sarina, and due to servicing constraints and drainage issues in the area a Masterplan was deemed to be beneficial to ensure the viability of proceeding, and providing a blueprint to the landowners in the area on the best way forward for the area. PCE worked with the Town Planner and urban designer to prepare a Masterplanning Report and concept plans to balance the engineering constraints, environmental issues and community wishes which will enable them to move forward in a cohesive manner when the time comes for the development to go ahead.

Urban Development

Project: Greenwood Drive community title development

Location: Glenella, Mackay

PCE was involved in all aspects of this project, working under the instruction of the developer’s Project Manager to produce the detailed design, provide contract services, and certify the completed works. Being such a constrained site presented challenges and opportunities, but the positive working relationship between PCE, the Project Manager and the Contractor resulted in a positive outcome for all involved.

Commercial Development

Project: Caravan Park revitalisation

Location: Blacks Beach, Mackay Northern Beaches

PCE’s original task of a ‘simple’ design for the purposes of Council Development Approval quickly grew to include the full range of concept and detailed design services, including managing the electrical and plumbing design. Due to the unique nature of the site, very close communication with the park managers was required to allow the park to remain operational during the construction phase of the project but the end result is a modern, fresh and well-equipped park where anyone would be happy to holiday.

Rural Residential Development

Project: Settlers Rise Residential Estate

Location: Erakala, Mackay

This prestigious large-Lot residential development located just west of Mackay is an undulating site that presented engineering challenges to the civil design team. PCE worked closely with the developer and a local contractor to deliver this high-class development to the market.

Industrial Development

Project: Evo Business Centre

Location: Paget industrial area, Mackay

PCE was involved in this project from the beginning, and saw it right through to the end. We undertook all aspects of the civil design from the production of an engineering report (including conceptual design) to obtain a Development Permit for the Material Change of Use, right through to detailed Operational Works design, construction inspections and final certification. We worked very closely with the developer, the architect and the other consultants throughout the entire process, and the end result is a product that exactly meets the needs of the developer in terms of maximising site usage, achieving specified vehicle manoeuvres within the site and practical use for the eventual occupants.