Mine Infrastructure

We deliver design and supervision services for mining infrastructure throughout the Bowen Basin. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the design of earthworks, haul roads, drainage, dams, conveyor structures and other mining infrastructure. We also undertake water balance modelling and environmental audits.
Bulk and Detailed Earthworks

PCE can undertake all aspects of earthworks design for building pads, general infrastructure areas, MIAs, dam work and much more.  We work with site surveyors and relevant mine personnel to ensure the design is suitable for the needs of the mine and takes into account any specific requirements of special plant and machinery.

Haul Roads and Access Roads

Haul roads and access roads form a vital part of any minesite infrastructure, and PCE can work with the mine owners or operators during new or redevelopment phases to produce cost effective designs that meet the needs of the specific site.

Drainage Design

Minesite drainage requirements are unique and can present challenges to the designer, but PCE is experienced in undertaking all aspects of drainage design within minesites to either upgrade an existing system, or design a whole new system as part of an expansion.

Dams and Annual Dams Assessments

Statutory requirements often lead to all dams within a minesite being inspected and reported on annually.  PCE has undertaken these assessments for a number of years for local mines, and can work with reports previously undertaken by others or can start from scratch while complying with all requirements.

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