Traffic and transportation engineering is often required in conjunction with other aspects of civil engineering. Our clients include the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, and we provide a wide range of services including intersection counts and analysis, road and intersection design, urban and rural traffic studies, pavement investigations and reports, vehicle manoeuvrability investigations and all aspects of design and analysis.

Intersection and Vehicle Counts

PCE can undertake manual traffic counts or can assist with organising automated traffic counts if required.

Intersection Analysis – New and Existing

Often integral to a new or expanding development is the traffic management and its effect on surrounding road networks.  Intersection analysis can be undertaken by PCE (either existing intersections, or new ones) using SIDRA software to determine the adequacy of an existing intersection, or in the design of a new one.

Vehicle Movement Analysis – New and Existing

Areas such as carparks or town squares can have complex traffic movements, and the redevelopment of such areas can greatly improve the traffic flow.  PCE can assist by undertaking vehicle movement studies to work out the current traffic flow and problems, determine where improvements are needed and put forward solutions to improve the area – either new or existing.

Urban and Rural Traffic Studies

Urban and rural areas each present different challenges as traffic movements vary greatly between areas. Whether it’s for a short-term haulage project in a rural area, or as part of a multi-stage urban development, PCE can prepare traffic studies from start to finish and incorporate the outcomes into a civil design that is both Council and Main Roads compliant.

Pavement Investigations and Design

PCE regularly undertakes pavement designs and has also been involved in many pavement investigations for private developers and local authorities, from pavement failure reporting through to the facilitation of full geotechnical investigations and reconstructions.

Vehicle Manoeuvrability Investigations

Vehicle manoeuvrability can often be tight in order for the site layout to make the most of available space. PCE can work with you to determine vehicle manoeuvrability requirements, to either show an approving body that a layout is suitable or make suggestions for improvements that can be made to allow better vehicle access.

Carpark Layout Design

Many factors need to be considered when undertaking the design of a carpark layout – including the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards, allowing for site-specific conditions and producing an efficient layout around site constraints and predicted vehicle movements.  PCE is able to assist at every step along the way to produce a layout or to work with other building/design professionals in an advisory capacity.

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